Manage Moisture Sensitive Components (MSD’s), Solder Paste, and Adhesive Effectively

smManage System

The main screen of smManage is designed to display the maximum most important information while remaining uncluttered.

Parts are directly accessed from a simple user friendly interface screen.


  • Temperature and Humidity
  • View MSD Status
  • Add New Parts
  • Expiry Warnings
  • Management tools

Part Checking

Simply scan the Inventory ID, all other data will be displayed.

The amount of time left will be displayed as a green bar with red indicating recondition time

Process Steps:

  • Open Current Status
  • Scan Inventory (Good)
  • Scan Inventory (Expired)
  • Change Location to Oven
  • Inspect Result

Adding New Parts

Adding new data is a simple process. Scan or enter a part number, depending on options set smManage will generate a unique ID number If the part number exists then simply print a label and your finished.

If a part number does not exist then the library editor will automatically appear.

Process Steps:

  • Select Add New Part
  • Scan Barcodes
  • Enter Library Data (optional) use IPC/JEDIC J-STD-033
  • Review Data
  • Print Label

Label Design and Printing

smManage uses a graphical tool for designing label.
All design is achieved using drag and drop methods. The label viewed is the same as what is printed.

Make New Label

  • Drag Label Size
  • Drag Text and Barcodes
  • Link to Live Data Fields
  • Print Test Label


Every Part Number is stored in the smManage Parts Library.

This allows comprehensive settings for each part used in the system


  • Component Detailed information
  • IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B can be used directly
  • Manual MSD setting can be used.
  • Shelf Life setting.


Any items that are over their time limit are displayed in the warnings window.

Warnings are color coded and can be emailed to multiple recipients.


  • Stops expired stock being accidentally used
  • Minimize baking cycles
  • Warn when items are out of time
  • Send email when out of spec


smManage has several in built reports allowing you where parts are on the factory and what parts are in the store or Oven. Locations and Expiry are color coded so you can see at a glance the status.

Higher level and specific reports can be generated using SQL statements.

smManage Summary

Gain control of all your sensitive materials like never before!

Key Benefits:

  • Uses IPC/JEDIC J-STD-033 settings.
  • Auto Humidity and temperature adjustment.
  • Automatically generates unique ID numbers.
  • Automatically prints barcode labels.
  • Has a graphical label design wizard for generating new label styles.
  • Out of spec warning system.
  • Automatic email system for warnings.
  • Separate Parts Library.
  • Comprehensive Reporting system.
  • Database search and editing tools.
  • Can also work with “Solder Paste” and “Adhesive”
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