The system is designed to work with any CAD input, any BOM input and any Machine output.

Lines and Jobs are accessed from a simple user friendly interface screen.

  • Performance Reporting*
  • Data (CAD) Import*
  • Reports and Overlays
  • Line Balancing
  • Editing Functions
  • Placement Files
  • Machine Outputs*
  • Placement Information


* (Configurable Options)

Data Import

Simple Process steps allow for quick import of CAD and BOM files

Process Steps:

  • Select CAD and BOM
  • Import CAD file
  • Manipulate the Data
  • Import and Merge BOM
  • Inspect Result

Line Balance

Placements are distributed so that all machines in the production line will operate to the same cycle time
Line Balance woks with different vendor machines and multiple jobs to make common load lists

Process Steps:

  • Start Line Balance
  • Select Repeat Feeders
  • Select Options
  • Run Line Balance
  • Save Result

Reports and Overlays

Linecontrol has many different reports to enable the most effective transfer of information

Reports Available:

  • BOM Report
  • Custom Reports
  • Feeder Reports
  • Graphical Feeder Report
  • Detailed Overlays
  • Assembly Verification


Machine Output

Machine output produces an optimized machine ready file with no need to debug
Outputs can use standard SMS optimizer engine or a machine vendor optimizer engine.

Process Steps:

  • Select Machine
  • Select side of PCB
  • Select Build Style
  • Select Optimizer Rules
  • Run Optimizer
  • Send to Host

This presentation is using a machine vendors optimizer

NPI Programming Summary

Control your NPI and Production Jobs like never before!

Key Benefits:

  • True Multi-vendor system
  • Any machine brand combination can be Line balanced
  • Multiple job line balance
  • SMS Virtual Assembly system with scanned PCB
  • Graphical Overlays and other graphical tools are included
  • Import machine libraries directly into Linecontrol
  • Over 50 CAD and machine importers included
  • Directly control remote enabled machines
  • Powerful BOM Import wizard and comparison tools
  • Report wizard for customized reports and outputs

What Machines are Supported

  • KNS/Assembleon A-series, iFlex
  • Europlacer
  • Hitachi
  • iPulse
  • Mydata
  • Fuji Flexa, FujiCAM, F4G
  • Panasonic CM and FA series
  • Universal (CDI & CI2)
  • Yamaha VIOS / Assembleon GEM
  • Yamaha YGX/Assembleon M-series
  • ASM SiplacePro
  • Sony E, F, and G series
  • AOI output
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