SMS Linechart is a Charting System built for Management and Production Processes

Look at the whole process or Drilldown to view the detail

  • Pareto chart display
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Utilization
  • OEE
  • Component Wastage
  • CPH
  • Cycle Time
  • Panel Count
  • AOI Defects
  • FPY
  • Machine Status
  • Out of Spec Alarms
  • Scheduled Reports
  • SPC

Analyze Data Online or Offline

A powerful dynamic onsite tool

Lines can be active and providing real time data updates periodically

Or used for remote analysis

Data files from a line can be sent independently over a given time slice and compiled very quickly for analysis in an off-line mode. The data can then be stitched together over time

  • Component Wastage

    Component Wastage

    Miss-picking or rejecting components directly effects your bottom-line. Linechart enables you to know where to focus your resources to control waste. Analyse the data as Percentage Error Count $ Dollars View Component Wastage by Production Line Machine Part Number Error Type
  • Components Per Hour

    Components Per Hour

    Monitor a lines CPH output and summarized performance. Be aware of non-productive time by hour, shift, day, week, etc. Generate reports over time to elevate awareness of your operation’s efficiency and raise alerts when performance target are not being met.
  • Panel Count

    Panel Count

    The most common metric…How many panels have you built? Analyze over time, by product, by day, week or Hour
  • Defects


    View machine data and review data together, easily see false calls AOI SPI X-Ray Manual Inspection Stencil Printers
  • First Pass Yield

    First Pass Yield

    How good is my process for overall quality AOI SPI X-Ray Manual Inspection Stencil Printers
  • OEE


    Overall Equipment Effectivness This metric allows you to get an overall view of how well your production is running by combing Productivity, Efficiency and Quality metrics into one chart Analyze over time, by product, by day, or week.
  • Analyse Charts

    Analyse Charts

    Always Stay in control Use SPC tools Analysis by machine and total line Break Down by hour, shift, day, product, week, etc Set SPC limits Analyze trends Add Action Notes Add pictures and text to any chart or data type View Action Notes wherever the subject data exists …In Seconds
  • Customize Charts

    Customize Charts

    The way data is presented can be fully customized Chart colors, chart types, text, pictures are all able to be displayed in the multiple styles as required …
  • Customize Using XML

    Customize Using XML

    Further customization can be achieved using XML and style sheets. From any drill down any view can output to HTML diagrams, charts, pictures, and text, etc . Fully customized HTML charts will be displayed.
  • Cockpit Charts

    Cockpit Charts

    Simply open the windows you want, click on the auto-arrange method you prefer…
  • Export data

    Export data

    Simply open the windows you want, click on the create table function… Import into Excel, etc…
  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Easy to use online documentation at your Finger tips
  • Effective Alerts

    Effective Alerts

    Alerts are easy to set up and control Alerts can be set for any process on any line to anyone. Warnings are sent when charts exceed the threshold set for specific chart types. Automatic stand-down system stops constant warnings being sent for repeat errors Warnings generated by the system include Email Message Mobile text message Pop up on desk top PC
  • Automatic Reports

    Automatic Reports

    Reports can be sent at any time for any chart Schedules are set for each report along with the destination Multiple schedules can be set for any report Multiple reports can be set for any schedule Reports are sent as JPG Charts and Text File

Simple Navigation

Linechart is an advanced charting tool

Simple drill down methods are used to get to the required chart details

  • Select Production Line to View
  • Select Chart type – i.e. CPH
  • Select Time Span
  • Drill Down to more detail


Slide Shows

Any combination of charts can be displayed as an impressive slide show

This is typically displayed on a large screen for employee information or client impressions …

Transitions are settable for Scroll, Sweep, Reveal or Fly-through slides.


How many hours per day, shift, month are your production lines building your products? How do your shifts of the day compare in terms of productivity? Where are your bottlenecks?

Linecharts productivity analysis helps you identify areas of opportunity (improved profitability).


How well do your production lines operate relative to it’s theoretical production estimate?  Linechart provides the ability for you to define the theoretical estimate, and then monitor your actual performance relative to this estimate. Then take the next step and  apply SPC analysis to gauge your performance

Linechart Summary

Viewing your Production from a whole new Dimension!

Key benefits:

  • Low cost, & easy to use tool
  • Scalable… Simply add data collectors (lines) or viewers over time
  • Monitor your KPI’s factory-wide at the line, machine, nozzle, and feeder level
  • KPI’s include: Productivity, Efficiency, Wastage, CPH, Board Count, and Quality (Manual
  • Inspection, AOI, SPI)
  • Analyze by hour, shift, day, week, month, years
  • Apply integrated SPC tools
  • Customize the view based on personal preferences
  • Export results for further analysis w/Excel, Minitab, etc
  • Use your own hardware
  • Integrate different brands of SMT, AOI and SPI machines

What Machines are Supported

  • Universal Genesis, Advantis, Fuzion
  • Panasonic CM, FA, NPM
  • Yamaha YM, YV, YS, YSM series
  • K&S Assembleon GEM, A-series M-series, iFlex
  • Siplace IOS
  • Fuji Flexa, FujiCAM, F4G
  • Sony E, F, and G series
  • Manual inspection
  • CyberOptics
  • Koh Young
  • Viscom
  • Mirtec
  • VI Technology
  • Yestech
  • SQL
  • Oracle
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