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How do I use the application?

After downloading the application, the application will appare on your home screen.

Initiatlly the application will be set in demo mode which is hosted on our backend server, the application uses swipe gestures, if you swipe the left side of the screen to the right a menu will open showing options to load profiles or to select settings to setup or use a custom server.

What are the system requirements?
How do I request a new feature?
What are the system requirements?

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Dashboard — Real time SMT

The “Real Time Dashboard” is a programmable real-time performance monitoring system that displays charts, gauges and pictures about what is happening now. It is designed to view KPI’s on one combined web browser interface. The system is designed to work with any machine that can produce performance and status data, these include SMT, AOI, SPI, Stencil Printers and Reflow ovens.

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